Saturday, April 15, 2006

PJ Harvey Vs Fluf

Polly Jean Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey has to be one of the sexiest and most talented guitar player / singer / songwriters and strongest female role models in all of indie-dom.

Roaring out of Yeovil, England in 1991 with her 3 piece band, PJ Harvey released the single "Sheela Na Gig" to highly acclaimed reviews in the London music press and released her debut album "Dry" in 1992, which was also well received.

1993's Steve Albini produced "Rid Of Me" was a major critical success and expanded Harvey's cult greatly. I remember playing this album repeatedly and very loudly when it was first released as it reflected quite well a brief, yet disastrous, personal relationship.

But it was 1995's "To Bring You My Love", her first solo album, which became Polly's mainstream critical breakthrough.

Her star has shone so brightly ever since, with not only 9 album releases, but a starring performance as (Mary) Magdalena in Hal Hartley's 1998 French-produced film "The Book of Life ", a comedy about the Second Coming of Christ.

PJ was also the first woman to win the Mercury Prize (in 2001) and has collaborated with musicians including Nick Cave, Josh Homme and Gordon Gano, amongst others.

What a woman!

Fluf formed in San Diego in 1992 and play "happenin' melodies with friggin' raw, heavy guitar" much in the vein of Dinosaur Jr and Sugar.


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Thank you very much for PJH

Amazing Woman Indeed ... ;)

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