Friday, February 18, 2005

Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire emerged from Sheffield, England in the mid 1970’s where they began playing with tape loops and sound experimentation, including the use of sonic manipulation and cut-ups as well as working with “found voices”.

Influenced by the Dada movement, Cabaret Voltaire were as much performance artists as musicians during their early career. After signing to the Rough Trade label in 1978 they began releasing records that mixed punk influences with their experimental sounds, incorporating tape loops and sampled effects with infectious beats. They would later move into “industrial electro-funk” and house music.

Cabaret Voltaire were one of those bands who had limited success during their career, but were very influential on the industrial and electronic music scenes.

Yashar is a hypnotic, “ethno-techno” dance floor favorite from 1982 which was released after they had signed to Rough Trade but while they were still in their more experimental phase.

Yashar is available from Mute Records on “The Original Sound of Sheffield '78/'82”.

Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar


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