Thursday, March 24, 2005


Doves began their life as Sub Sub, evolving from the Haçienda-inspired Manchester clubland explosion of the late eighties so well portrayed, if slightly parodied, in the movie “24 Hour Party People”. Sub Sub scored an English number three single in 1993 with “Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)” released on Rob’s Records, the record label created by Rob Gretton who was a partner in Factory, the manager of Joy Division and also the manager of New Order, as well as being a co-founder of the Haçienda.

“Oh Manchester, so much to answer for” – so sang Morrissey on The Smith’s “Suffer Little Children” – and this sentiment can certainly have different meanings. Manchester was apparently an uninspiring, impoverished industrial city when the Sex Pistols played at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in the summer of 1976. Many of the youth of the city were inspired to take hold of punk music and made it their own. Manchester has since given birth to some of the most unique, interesting and exciting english bands of the last 30 years - The Buzzcocks, Magazine, Joy Division, The Fall, New Order, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Chemical Brothers, Oasis ... and so many more bands.

Doves, like their Manchester contemporaries Elbow, are yet another wonderful band from that city which took punk and post-punk influences and created something unique. Doves play a lavish blend of moody, ambient guitar-based music with touches of dreampop and indie dance as well as the occasional mini-epic over their previous two albums. Their debut “Lost Souls” in 2000 and the more adventurous “The Last Broadcast” in 2002, which topped the English album charts, both contained successful singles such as "Catch the Sun" and "There Goes the Fear". Their reputation has also grown due to the quality of their live shows.

Doves have recently released their third album “Some Cities” which dances along a similar musical path to that which they have been traversing for the last 5 years. While “Some Cities” is not as strong as their previous albums, it does continue the band's run of consistently pleasing albums, confirming their status as one of the most reliable rock bands in England today.

Doves - Black And White Town


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