Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Baddies

The Baddies - John, Terry, Paul

I've already done a post on The Baddies, Sydney's unassuming Kings of Punk.

The opportunity to spend the weekend in Sydney, including a night seeing a great line-up of punk bands, is too hard to pass up. So that's what my plans are this weekend.

Featuring The Baddies plus 4 other bands, all playing old school punk rock.

Headliners for the night are the punk all-star supergroup "Megastar Overdrive" starring:-

Guitar: Paul E. Hayward (The Baddies, Young Docteurs)

Guitar: Stephen ‘Bones’ Martin (The Missing Link)

Bass: Clyde Bramley (The Wetsuits, Hoodoo Gurus)

Drums: Paul Larsen (Celibate Rifles)

Vocals: Ripley Hood (Nemesis, Mushroom Planet)

The other bands for the night are Special Patrol Group, Teenage Hookers for Christ and 25th Floor.

If you're in Sydney and get the opportunity, check them out at The Empire Hotel in Annandale.

And while you're there, buy Paul a Coopers. I know he'll appreciate it! I'll be buying him one. May even have one myself. Or two ....

And make sure you check out The Baddies on mp3.com.au if you want to hear some great old-school punk originals.

The Baddies - In The Mood (The Video)


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