Thursday, August 28, 2008

Analog Mike

Analog Mike

Analog Mike is a composer, musician and music hobbyist who began playing original music in "alternative" bands (Two Faces of Culture, As Is) and "sixties garage/surf guitar" band (The Hoovers) before moving on to writing and recording experimental, minimalist and ambient soundscapes.

Analog Mike's track Home Soon, in collaboration with Brisbane Poet
Michelle Dicinoski's words and images, was recently announced as the winner of the Queensland Poetry Festival 2008 filmmakers challenge for a work that "explores the possibilities of poetic expression via audio visual technology."

Here is the winning entry:-

Posted below is the track Home Soon in its entirety plus a bonus track from Analog Mike.

Check out the links for more info and tunes and make sure you check out Analog Mike or his alter ego MAB.

Analog Mike - Home Soon

Analog Mike - Section 7-B