Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Birds

The Birds

Every month I look forward to the latest Mojo magazine arriving, providing new music to hear and an eclectic collection of bands and musicians to read about and hopefully some new or old bands to search out. For some time now each Mojo has come with a CD attached hilighting a musical genre or central theme. My previous post Bird Blobs was also from a Mojo Post-Punk compilation.

In an effort to share this enjoyment, and to make track selection and research that much easier, I plan to post a song each month from the Mojo compilation CD, and this month it's the "Mojo Mod Club Party". I hope you enjoy this track - there are many more available with this months Mojo magazine.

Not to be confused with their US counterparts, Middlesex five-piece The Birds featured future Faces and Stones man Ronnie Wood on guitar and personified rough-edged British R&B. Signed to Decca, they released four singles but split in ’66. This version of Eddie Holland’s Motown classic left its mark on one of their young roadies, Lemmy, who would resurrect the tune with his band Motörhead.

The Birds - Leaving Here


Blogger sleepybomb said...

mojo has some great cds. i love the garage band cd that they had last year.
great companion to the nuggets boxes. no one remembers this stuff unfortunately, i miss the old days of great original garage stuff . . .

Sun. May 22, 11:53:00 am  
Blogger MAB said...

hey sleepybomb,

that mojo garage cd was a gem - i posted a Paul Revere track from that compilation on the "Gentlemen ... Start Your Organs!!" post. i like the mojo punk comp from march 2003 too

nuggets was a great compilation. i'm sure there's a new generation of kids listening to them right now, getting off on learning how to take a guitar, bass and drums (making an organ too) and make a wonderful, room shaking, noise that other kids will dance to

Sun. May 22, 08:28:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lots of other cover versions of "leaving here", the best prolly being the version on the expanded who's next, live, with leslie west(!) on second guitar.

Mon. May 23, 05:52:00 am  
Anonymous GAY MACHETE said...

I would argue the Motörhead version is better... Best MOJO cd: Raw Soul!

Wed. May 25, 01:10:00 am  

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