Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Drones
(Bands from Perth, Australia)

The Drones

The Drones are originally from Perth, forming in 1999, but like so many bands they found little support or acceptance there.

The bands success has grown exponentially since band leader / lyricist / vocalist / guitarist Gareth Liddiard and guitarist Rui Pereira moved east, legendarily living in the back of a Mitsubishi van in Sydney and then moved south to "the shittiest caravan park in all of grey Victoria". After finding bass player Fiona Kitschin and Taswegian drummer Mike Noga The Drones, as they now exist, were formed and began gigging in Melbourne.

The Drones country / garage / punk sound is at times reminiscent of the raw, swampy blues rock of early 1980s Australian bands such as The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon and The Birthday Party but they are also influenced by Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt.

Their album releases include 2002's "Here Come The Lies" and both "The Miller's Daughter" and "Wait Long By The River & The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By" in 2005 and yet another album, recorded in Tasmania and said to have a stronger country influence, is due to be released imminently.

The Drones have been touring the world for the last six months, playing with bands including Deerhoof, Mudhoney and the Soledad Brothers, and they are currently supporting the original Dinosaur Jr line up on their Australian tour. Then the band head off on their own headline tour around Australia before most likely heading overseas again.

The Drones most recent success has been winning the inaugral Australian Music Prize, awarded by their musical peers.

The Drones - Shark Fin Blues (The Video)


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