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I first saw Screamfeeder playing a gig with Something For Kate in early 1998 at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, only a few weeks after moving to Sydney from Perth. Unfortunately we were yet to learn that bands start playing earlier in Sydney than they had done in Perth, so we missed much of the Screamfeeder set, only catching their explosive final few songs. I also saw Screamfeeder play a great show in a hot tent at the Homeback 1998 festival.

Screamfeeder stepped into the spotlight back in 1992 with the release of their debut album, Flour (out on the unfortunately not-so-permanent Survival label). Together, Kellie, Dean and Tim soon found themselves with a reputation for catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics and potent live shows that won over new fans. Their debut album was soon followed by the brilliant Burn Out Your Name LP in 1993, with yet another record, the Felicitator EP, hitting the shelves not long after in 1994. Busy touring across the nation and winning over audiences and music critics wherever they played, Screamfeeder were, in a nutshell, keeping busy!

It wasn’t just here at home, however, that the band was getting critical kudos – international music fans also got a taste of ‘Feeder sound via the international release of the group’s albums via the American indie TAANG! Records. Heading over to the States and Europe, the trio gained even more underground attention, before returning home and stepping away from Survival and instead signing a deal with Australia’s largest independent label, Shock Records. The excellent Kill Yourself With Music hit the airwaves in 1995, followed by the Seven Year Glitch compilation double LP in 1996. But it was the acclaimed Kitten Licks LP in 1997 that finally saw Screamfeeder break through to the mainstream masses, scoring wide airplay across Triple J and featuring in many local journos “album of the year” lists, all the while selling out shows across the country.

Always one of the nation’s respected indie acts, ever since then Screamfeeder have continued to put out quality recordings in quick succession, one after the other. There’s the Closing Alaska EP (available to US audiences only), with Kitten Licks finding a Stateside release via Time Bomb Records in 1999. There’s the mini-album of cover versions, Home Age, out via Shock, and Rocks On The Soul in 2000.

Circa 2003 Screamfeeder found a new home on Brisbane-based label Rhythm Ace Records, releasing radio fave “Ice Patrol”, the first single from their album Take You Apart (which the band recorded in Melbourne with good pal/producer Magoo at the helm). The band also played a spot on 2003's Splendour In The Grass festival plus their own headlining shows.

2004 saw the release of their 21 track “singles and more” album, demonstrating their furious work ethic and consistent stream of great output from over a decade.

With their 7 track EP "Delusions Of Grandchildren" Screamfeeder return to the classic 3 piece line up. Recorded by Brisbane wonderboy Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference studios the EP captures Screamfeeder in all their modes - loud and rough, melodic and droning, minimal and experimental.

The journey that is Screamfeeder continues on, as their myspace page says:-

Dean has parted ways with us. He still lives round the corner and we see him all the time, and he still plays in THE WHATS. We have one gig booked this year so far, and joining us on the drums will be the amazing Steph Hughes, ex Wellingtons, amongst others.

Expect ROCK and FUN dials to be set to ridiculously high levels this July.
More info soon.

Screamfeeder - Dart

Screamfeeder - Decaptivated

As an extra special treat for all of my lurkers, who like to watch as well as listen, here's a copy of the clip for Hi C's:-

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wow. thanks for putting this up. One point: it's FILL yourself with music, not KILL. That would have been an excellent tile nonetheless~!
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Thanks for this MAB and for all the other great posts. Feel free to visit my blog on Oz music - They Called it Good at the Time, at

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