Sunday, May 18, 2008

Del Toro

Del Toro

Del Toro played a strong but bass heavy set at The Powerhouse back in April. There is a great review of their set at kristiandomagala, along with supporting acts Do The Robot and An Horse.

Del Toro are an instrumental three-piece who formed in Brisbane in late 2004. Their sound has been compared to "something between Can and Kyuss" and also as "desert rock".

At times Del Toro play with the reverb tank, venturing into almost surf and hot-rod influenced sounds with plenty of distortion along for the ride, or they're leading you into a valley of spaghetti westerns or through a disjointed post rock musical landscape.

Although Del Toro live on a shifting landscape they play rock solid instrumental music both in the studio and live. Their latest tracks have just been released on the band's new album Hydra.

Check out the links for more info and tunes and make sure you check out Del Toro.

Del Toro - Hinge & Pluck

Del Toro - Sharpie


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