Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have A Something, Something Christmas

The Day Santa Died

As a "festive season" treat, I've posted a xmas card/comic written and illustrated by a great, old buddy of mine.

Dirk has produced many cool works of art and has also written his own comic, Fatman, a parody of Batman as an old, broken man - very black humour. I don't think you can find this apart from ocasionally on eBay. Dirk is more involved in graphic design nowadays, but he still finds the time to produce art, although his preferred medium has moved to photography.

The Day Santa Died

You may have noticed the lack of posts over the last few months?

I have been too busy working and lost the urge to spend my few free hours posting, prefering to spend the time playing guitar, writing or just hanging out with the ever-sexy Dr E.

The Day Santa Died

There are still lots of visitors to this little corner of the web, with over 360 000 hits in the almost 3 years of this blogs existence.

Howdy everyone! I hope you've found something old or something new to listen to and to go out and buy.

Posting will remain intermittant for the forseeable future, check out the links off to the right hand side, there's lots of music out there.

The Day Santa Died

I'm also of the bah humbug opinion when it comes to the commercialisation of christmas. What's with the lights suffocating houses throughout suburbia across much of the globe?

Maybe the money spent on all of that crap (including the power bills) could be donated to charities which could use more funds at any time of the year?


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