Monday, September 17, 2007


covers of some vinyl singles from Perth bands

To continue the celebration of returning to Perth and posting music from my home town, here's a repost.

Sadly my old buddy from The Hoovers didn't turn up to the party, so there were no Hoovers tracks, no Boss Hoss. But John from The Volcanics did get up for a few songs, including Teenage Kicks, which was fun.

This mix is of Perth bands from the 1970's through to the end of the millenia, when I had already left Perth and moved to Sydney. This mix moves from punk to pub rock, surf instros to post-punk, guitar pop and more. This is only the surface of some of the great music that has come from, and continues to be created in, Perth - the world's most isolated city.

Most of these bands I saw live, many I saw numerous times, some I just liked, others I played in, or played gigs with. But it will give you an idea of how vibrant the Perth music scene was. Check out the links if you want to find out more about any of these bands.

As Is
The Bamboos
Chads Tree
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Diddywah Hoodaddys
The Early Hours
The Feends
The Holy Rollers
The Hoovers
The Jackals
Kno Matter
The Kryptonics
The Manikins
The Marigolds
Martha’s Vineyard
The Neptunes
Rabbits Wedding
Rhythm Method
The Rockets
The Scientists
The Stems
The Triffids
The Victims
The Waltons
Tune Bureau

For those of you who don't want to download this zip file, here are a couple of tracks from bands I played in last millenia.

As Is - Count To Ten

The Hoovers - I'm An Addict

(this is the link to a zip file containing a song from all of the bands listed above)

Do you like these tunes? Then why not support the artists (and my blogging habit) by buying some music. Check out these links:-


Blogger Voodooguru said...

Whatever happened to the Bamboos? I remember seeing them a couple of times mid-80s. Also had 1st 2 singles and a cassette only release. I go overseas for a few years, return, and they no longer exist. I would love to hear the Born Killer EP (hint, hint). Sadly, when I made some enquiries/requests at 'they called it good at the time' blog, the feedback was......who?! It's good to see someone else remembers them.

Wed Sep 19, 07:49:00 pm  
Blogger MAB said...

Sadly The Bamboos are another of those great Perth bands lost to time. I know that the Kryptonics have recently released a compilation CD, which i will be posting tracks from at some stage in the future, so we may be lucky and see a similar release from The Bamboos? But i wouldn't be holding my breathe.

I'm sorry Voodoo Guru, but this track from the Take Everything, Leave Nothing compilation is the only Bamboos song i have.

can any of my voyeurs out there help us out with more information of music?



Sun Sep 23, 05:24:00 pm  
Blogger George said...

Hi. the link for the Perfection doesn't work.

I'm chasing tracks from Rhythm Method and one was listed on that link.

They released a live cassette and I'm desperate for that also

Fri Oct 02, 10:38:00 am  

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