Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boris and sunnO)))

boris and sunnO)))

i saw Boris and sunnO))) last night

these bands are both from the drone metal genre which i don't have much experience with

it's been a while since i've seen a band whose catalog i didn't know, at least i usually know a few tracks before seeing a band live. it's probably been since New York in 2005?

but that's what happened last night, my ever hard working and sexy wife really likes Boris, whereas i only have a passing knowledge of their music - neither of us knew anything about sunnO))) - and she was keen to see Boris and i'm always happy to see interesting live music

so immediately after finishing 5 hours overtime at work on a Saturday (oh yay) we found ourselves at QUT's student guild bar surrounded by many of the noise and metal fans of Brisbane

Boris were great, with some cool, crusty guitar sounds and a crazy drummer. they played a interesting mix of noise and drone and even included some melody in their set

i found the extremely slow and endless sustain of sunnO))) a tad frustrating and their tendancy to dress in robes only made me think of Spinal Tap, which didn't help

i understood what they were doing and recognised the intensity and power of the minimalism, but i wasn't converted

or perhaps i missed the beer and rocking out experience which is the norm at most of the gigs i attend? at least i had sufficient amounts of beer last night. but this was only my experience, everyone else thought it was an excellant gig and were waxing lyrical about their favourite sunn O))) moments after the show

and i was impressed and interested enough in both bands to buy the new collabaration album altar which they have just released and found this very enjoyable, combining elements of both bands sets from last night

The Australian tour continues with both bands playing tonight in Sydney and Wednesday in Melbourne. If you like metal or noise, or if you are just a bit curious, then this is a gig to get along to

here are a couple of tracks from the new collaboration "Altar":-

boris and sunno))) - Akuma No Kuma

boris and sunno))) - Her Lips Were Wet With Venom

and for all of those lurkers who like to watch, this live clip sums up the set by sunn O))) quite well, rock out on those guitars, boys ...

and here's a great live clip from Boris ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem, or really interesting thing, depending on your viewpoint, with Boris, is the wide range of styles they play and release on record.
'Heavy Rocks' and 'Pink' are both tending towards the hard rock/punk spectrum (with some noise and occasional drone), while 'Flood', for instance, is primarily ambient, leading to a crescendo of drone-ish noise towards the end. They have produced at least one film soundtrack (ambientish) too.
No boxes for them!

Sun Sep 23, 01:40:00 am  

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