Tuesday, July 03, 2007

(so much to answer for)

Manchester has always been one of the UK's primary cities for music, with a 40 year history of creating quality bands who have left their mark on the world, and continue to do so. Many of my favourite ever bands have come from Manchester.

Sadly during our recent visit to Manchester we missed The Fall by two days, but that's life.

But I did get to see some of the original footage taken by Howard Devoto of the second Sex Pistols gig (on July 20th 1977) at the Free Trade Hall, as part of the inaugral Manchester International Festival.

Here are some of the excellent bands who have come from Manchester, check out the links to find some tunes and more information.

Joy Division

The Smiths

The Fall

The Buzzcocks

New Order

John Cooper Clarke

Stone Roses

Happy Mondays


Badly Drawn Boy



Perhaps the best song to ever come out of Manchester?

Do you like these tunes? Then why not support the artists (and my blogging habit) by buying some music. Check out these links:-


Blogger adam said...

There's a story about a Badly Drawn Boy gig somwehere down south where, after a big heckle from the audience, Darren Gough stopped playing and said 'That was very clever but I'd like to remind you that I'm from Manchester and could have the lot of you'.

Thu Jul 12, 07:42:00 pm  
Blogger John Boy said...

dont forget the Whip.

Wed Jul 18, 07:23:00 pm  

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