Friday, September 28, 2007

The Smokin' Eldorados and Shanghai Sisters
(Bands from Perth, Australia)

Smokin' Eldorados

I only managed to get to one gig while in Perth this time, at the
Hyde Park Hotel front bar. It sounds like The Hydeys' future is still not certain, so if you live in Perth go and support the venue and the bands that play there.

The first band I saw was the cute girly three piece that is the Shanghai Sisters. They have a country-fied sound, with a nod to Rockabilly stylings, and strong vocal harmonies based around guitar and drums and played a good set well supported by the bar staff (who kept sending drinks their way) and camera toting punters and less well supported by a lone, drunken heckler - who they wisely ignored.

But the headliners for the evening were The Smokin' Eldorados. Lead by local legends Rodney Radalj (aka Roddy Rayda) (who has played in bands including The Scientists, The Rockets, le Hoodoo Gurus and The Dubrovniks) and Matthew de la Hunty (of Tall Tales and True fame) sharing guitar and vocal duties and with a strong rhythm section of Laurie Sinagra on bass (Laurie also has a long history as a sound engineer, having worked with Jebediah, Downsyde, Dom Mariani, Sodastream, Gyroscope and Turnstyle amongst many others, including my two bands As Is and The Hoovers) and Tim Bates on drums. Laurie was also asked to stand in on bass only 2 weeks before this gig, and managed to buy a bass and learn all of the songs within that short time frame - Go Laurie!!

As soon as the band started there was a surge from the crowd to the "stage" (which is actually at floor level at The Hydey) and the band were obviously (and understandably) well liked and supported. The set was an interesting mix of blues rock, pop, country and soul and was occasionally reminiscent of a tamer Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (with less posturing and theremin). The band really hit the mark when Rod and Matt were playing off each other, sharing guitar and vocal leads and they seemed to moved into free form jams every now and again giving each other ample opportunity to play as Laurie and Tim maintained the foundations.

The demo mp3 I have posted below is missing something in comparison to the version they played live (and it's not only the bass). Keep an eye out for these guys, cos they are in the process of recording their first album together.

Laurie and Matt have also been working together on the film Greenhead.

The Smokin Eldorados - Where The Highway Ends

Do you like these tunes? Then why not support the artists (and my blogging habit) by buying some music. Check out these links:-


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Michael

My name is Sophie Griffin-Appadoo and I've just become the manager of the Smokin' Eldorados. While researching the band i came across your blog!

I just wanted to inform you that this coming Friday (29th May) the Eldorados are releasing their debut single, Innocent Man. It's all taking place at the Hydey and supporting them will be Cal Peck and The Tramps, Tomas Ford and The Painkillers.

Hope that you could come down and see them.



Mon May 25, 06:10:00 pm  

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