Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spread The Good Word!

Spread The Good Word, Support the Reverend

Reverend Tom Frost is a man out of time, in more ways than one.

Reverend Tom Frost spent much of his youth watching B-Horror, Spaghetti Westerns, old-timey movies and devouring Southern Gothic literature.

Tom Frost constructed his own world. Haunted by the twisted deformity of the self and by the vision of a more and more absurd world, his music is a merry ingenious mix of his own tortured (yet funny) mind and the songs he grew up with.

Last year The Reverend released his first self recorded and produced collection of tunes, Spread The Good Word, Vol. 1 - South Of Hell, France.

He sounds like the bastard son of Screaming Jay Hawkins, brought up by his estranged uncle Jerry Lee Lewis but having spent his youth hanging out with those "bad" cousins Tom Waits and Lux Interior. This music sounds like it was recorded in the fifties, you can almost smell the dust and acetate.

However, the Reverend's excellent blog Spread The Good Word, which has been running even longer than this little effort, has been in hiatus for 6 weeks now. This alone is sad enough.

But even worse, the Reverend is living his own gothic tragedy and has been homeless for this time, literally living in his car.

What can we do to help? Is that the cry I hear from all of my voyeurs out there?

Why not take a listen to the Reverend's tracks and buy one or two, hell, why not buy the whole bloody album!

You will find the Reverend's music on the Reverend Tom Frost website, on his Myspace page and also on ITunes.

There's no music from me this post, if you want any, go listen to and support the Reverend.

And check out Spread The Good Word for some classic tunes.


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