Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Glitter Band V's The Stiffs

The Glitter Band - Goodbye Gary!

Unfortunately I won't be joining my beautiful and talented wife on her (now shortened) research tour of the US and she flew out today. So this post is for Dr E who is flying above the Pacific Ocean as I create this post - Love You Baby!! Have a safe and successful trip.

The Glitter Band were named due to their association with glam idol Gary Glitter. They were formed in 1972 to support Glitter's first major concert tour and would ironically become almost as successful, although much less infamous, as Gary Glitter himself.

The band did not play on any of Glitter's hits, but accompanied him on his tours and television appearances until 1976, when Gary Glitter announced his retirement. The Glitter Band also scored six Top Ten hits of their own in the UK.

The Stiffs formed in 1977, a bunch of 15 year old schoolkids, and briefly signed to Stiff Records in January 1981 for this posted one-off single 'Goodbye My Love'. Although the track received good radio airplay, it missed out on bothering the Top 50 charts.

With no label support, The Stiffs broke up in 1988, but reformed in 1999 to support the release of a compilation CD. Since that time the band have had an on-again off-again existence.

For my money this is a classic case where the cover version of a song is much better than the original, but you can make up your own mind. The Stiffs' version comes from the excellent "All Covered In Punk" compilation, well worth checking out if you like punk bands and cover versions.

The Glitter Band - Goodbye My Love

The Stiffs - Goodbye My Love

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Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

anyone whose toe don't tap to
Rock n Roll, Parts 1 and 2,
must be dead.

and how very unfortunate that Gaz went pear-shaped in asia and made it politically unacceptable to like him anymore.

I am going around all the links with Reverend Frost
of Spread The Good Word
the music blog
to say he is in trouble and to ask if you can PayPal him even ONE EURO (100+ people link to him)
he would be paid back for all the tracks we have downloadeded from his blog.
Peace and love ...

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