Friday, August 25, 2006

Black Betty

Huddie Ledbetter - Leadbelly

I appear to have lost all of the mp3's posted on SaveFile, including the Triffids tracks posted (insert swear words here), so it's back to YouSendIt and a shorter mp3 availability. Them's the breaks in the world of free file sharing services.

I have also decided to start a new variation on an old method, posting multiple versions of the same song, the original and several cover versions, with the music and very few words.

I'm starting with Black Betty a classic from Huddie Ledbetter, better known as Leadbelly. Each of these versions has it's own style, although Nick Cave's is very true to the original.

Check out Ram Jam's southern-fried version - the first band to record this tune in a more rocking style, Tom Jones' lite-funk interpretation and Spiderbait's very cool re-take on Ram Jam's version.


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