Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Howling Desperados
(Bands from Perth, Australia)

The Howling Desperados, from way down deep in the West of Australia, saddled up and hit the trail in late 2007. They have quickly become the meanest bunch of no good, snake bellied, stone hearted killers on the whole of the Perth metropolitan alt-country music scene.

The Howling Desperados are all about playin’ original alt country music with style and havin’ a grand ole time doin’ it. So when folks come to their gigs they walk away smil’n and know'n they’ve just seen a kick ass band give’m a real honest ta goodness show.

My old mate Trent plays bass for these guys and he is the one to thank getting me into my first real (instead of back room or garage) band Two Faces of Culture (which morphed into As Is) and to play live and record properly.

Anyhoo .... you can expect an album from the Desperados in early 2009, so far they've independently released the EP “Howl If You’re Desperate” and you can hear some of their tracks on myspace.

Plus if you're in Perth this weekend, The Howling Desperados are playing with The Chevelles at the Amplifier Bar. Should be a good gig.

here's a track from the Howling Desperados recorded live in the rehearsal room:-

The Howling Desperados - Legend


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