Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Burger Kings
(Bands from Perth, Australia)

A little bit Elvis, a little bit Jerry Lee, a lot of Perth talent.

The Burger Kings play southern fried Elvisonic Rock & Roll and cool cabaret and consists of musicians who between them have played in a very large number of quality Perth bands over the decades.

Craig Wheel has played in seemingly countless bands including The Waltons, Deb, Love Pump and The Hoovers

Hugh Veldon is another local legend both fronting King Wasabi as well as his time behind the skins occupying the mild mannered persona of Martin Moon with numerous bands, perhaps most famously The Marigolds

Pete Stone has played in bands including Silent Type and The Never Never and is currently leading Peter Busher And The Lone Rangers

Howard Shawcross is one of the original bass players from the Perth music scene and has played with a multitude of bands including The Elks, Riptides, Dave Warner's From The Suburbs and The Jackals.

Simon Goodridge has previously played in Never Never

The Burger Kings have performed at the Big Day Out & even the Hopman Cup Ball. They are also playing this weekend at the Mustang Bar in Northbridge and are promising tunes from a wide range of influences with a big repertoire whacked along at a furious pace and interspersed with southern style jokes & anecdotes.

here's a track from one of Craig's earlier bands, The Waltons, which will probably give you an idea of some of what to expect from the Burger Kings:-

The Waltons - Coca-Cola Is Coke


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